AMM has evolved over the past 32 years. Andersen Model and Talent was formed in 1983, representing all venues of models and talent. In 1994, it was re-vamped to Andersen Models International focusing on worldwide placements of males & females. In 2000 the current Owner/Director, Donna-Marie Andersen, whom has a degree in Business Management, took charge of the agency when her husband, Chuck Andersen, who began the initial agency, stepped down. Donna-Marie wanted a very boutique agency focusing only on female models who could work in multiple capacities within the modeling industry. To this date, Donna-Marie has solely continued to personally scout, train, develop and manage models worldwide. In the Fall of 2015, AMI was re-named to AMM (Andersen Model Management) to lend a clearer definition of the agency’s function. AMM also began repping male models at this time. AMM is located just south of Seattle, WA.

Donna-Marie modeled around the world for 25 years, mostly throughout Europe and the United States. During her personal modeling career she was oftentimes asked by her agents and fellow models to teach runway or photo movement, as well as by photographers to be a step-in stylist or make-up artist. Because of her skill in the various business aspects of this industry and respect as a professional model, many models began seeking her advise for direction, training, and career pathway choices. Donna-Marie had many people within the industry advising her to start a modeling school or agency. She realized that she had something valuable and rare to offer aspiring models. Hence, with her heart to help and mentor others, Donna-Marie invested her all in the agency.

AMM has never been about numbers or finding the next Supermodel. It’s sole focus is helping those aspiring models whom Donna-Marie feels have true promise to work as a professional model, whether it be fashion or advertising, and to be properly prepared for all business situations to which s/he will be presented. She trains her models for all business aspects from go-sees, photo movement, shows, difficult situations, dealing with agents/photographers, travel preparedness, networking, safety, finances, and every other scenario a model may encounter throughout their career. Donna-Marie offers personal one-on-one attention to each of her models. The models are developed to follow their “niche” and placed with agencies that are suitable for their look and career pathway, including the top worldwide agencies. AMM’s models have worked in every aspect of the modeling industry, including editorial & catalog, shows, E-Comm, Social Media, TVC, music videos, films, advertising and world-wide campaigns. Donna-Marie has established relationships with her models that have gone beyond “manager”. Her models see her as a mentor, advocate, friend, and “second mom”. Many will tell you not to form such professional relationships; however, when you are traveling the globe alone in an oftentimes cut-throat and very subjective business, such relationships become extremely valuable.


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